The Tarot

The Tarot

The origin of the tarot is not really known. We only know that it appeared during the Middle Ages in Europe and particularly in Marseilles. This town became the main place of tarot manufacturing. At the time, clairvoyants used it as a principle working tool, especially thanks to the version created by Nicolas Conver in 1760. It was only in 1930 that it took the name of « Tarot of Marseilles », when Paul Marteau edited a new version.

Tarot is a deck of 78 cards made up of:

  • 22 cards called Major Arcanas: they symbolize the main aspects of life.
  • 4 suits of 14 cards called Minor Arcanas. Each suit has a different pattern: Wands, Pentacles, Swords, Cups. They symbolize daily concerns.

The literal definition of an Arcana is a secret and mysterious operation. It encourages us to use our psyche to determine the truth. Many clearly drawn objects on the cards stimulate our skills of deduction and realization.

There are 12 colours in a deck of tarot, and they transpose differently according to the reading, but this practice is reserved for the tarot reader.

The main interpretations of colours are the following:

  • Red: Ardour or Eagerness, Health, Strength, Physical Energy, Courage, Intense Emotions, Sexuality, Aggression. Temper, Leadership.
  • Orange: A passionate approach, Drive, Activity, Ambition, Enthusiasm, Warmth, Sociable
  • Yellow: An intellectual approach or intellectual balance, Confidence, Self-Esteem, Mental Activity, Memory, Communication, Ability to Rationalise, Consciousness
  • Green: Harmony, Balance, Money, Prosperity, Fertility, Healing, Growth, Peace
  • Blue: A Balanced Spiritual Understanding, Healing, Peace, Psychic, Philosophy, Religion, Spirituality, Subconscious, Communication
  • Purple: Compassion, Power, Spirituality, Spiritual Leadership/Teacher, Psychic, Nobility
  • White: Purity of motive, Innocence, Protection, Purification, Hope, Faith, Clarity,
  • Grey: Uniformity, depression, dullness, Unsettling, Stressful
  • Black: Negativity, Sadness, Mourning, Loss, Guilt, Depression, Absence of Colour, Emptiness, Darkness, Mystery
  • Brown: Animals, Earth, Wholesome, Stability, Stagnation, Material World.

Tarot cards are related to the Egyptian secrets and we think they came from there.

Nowadays, tarot is the main tool for psychics to reveal the future and future events.

The power of tarot is important during a psychic reading because it cannot reveal exact data but only reveal real thoughts, feelings, strengths, the state of mind and the psyche of a person. All of this can help you to understand yourself, according to the past and also the future to come.

The use of tarot allows the querant to solve issues in the short-term or in the long-term (6 months and longer).

If you want a prediction that is even longer term, we will use pure clairvoyance.

Currently, psychics use tarot during consultations thanks to modern methods such as the telephone, chat and emails…

Nowadays, everyone can do their own tarot reading with a bit of learning. This allows a better knowledge of yourself, of your spirit and your emotions, in order to find solutions to your issues. You just have to meditate and think, and the solutions will appear more easily in your life.

This practice allows you to restore your inner peace and opens a positive door on your life path, to your own actions and for others.

Thoughts and tarot

In the end, tarot does not reflect the events of our existence, but it symbolizes the real state of our thoughts. We believe in our ideas and the tarot guides our life through our thoughts, in order to make our wishes become a reality.

During a psychic reading, you need to remember two important points:

  • Be focused on what you want to know
  • Do not let your emotions control what you want to know

In fact, the sensation of worry, anxiety or even satisfaction can change the interpretation of the cards.

Numerology in tarot

We mix the practice of tarot and numerology. You should know that the cards are linked with figures. We link each idea to a number, and this allows us to have a direct interpretation of the card.

If you do not know the basis of tarot, you cannot read the cards, and you should also know that some of the cards have disastrous meanings.

The Human Being has always wanted to know his future. Even if psychics can predict future events, nothing is written in stone. The phrase « knowing yourself » reflects the logic to follow during psychic readings very well.

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